Reserve your Brekr for €9,-

The future is electric and smart. Ride into the future, your way. Discover the BREKR Model B.

Reserve your Brekr for €9,-

Design: a view to the future

How do you incorporate the history of motorised two-wheelers into a new and powerful design? And what if the power source you’re working with is no longer fossil fuel, but electricity?

The new reality we’re creating is a combination of the beauty of yester-year and a cutting-edge, bold and honest design which embraces the future.


A powerful battery translates into a greater range

Brekr Model B has the capacity to house two removable batteries. A single battery has a capacity of 1,9kWh, allowing you to cover a distance of 50 to 80 kilometers.

Adding a second battery increases this range to 100 – 160 kilometers.

Its unique aluminium frame means Brekr is 10 to 30 kilograms lighter than the average scooter, ensuring your range becomes wider.

10 kg
2 years
5 hours
charging time
1 euro
per 100 km

Optimal driving pleasure

Wonderful riding experience
Large wheels ensure bumps in the road are cushioned, providing increased ride comfort.
Low center of gravity
Low center of gravity
Lightweight aluminum frame
Out with the old steel frame; BREKR uses a strong, lightweight aluminum frame which allows you to manoever more easily.
Clamp with your knees
Just like riding a motorcycle or horse, clamping with your knees means you become one with your Brekr.
Front and rear suspension
A front suspension fork and a unique rear suspension system absorb any shocks caused by uneven road surfaces, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride.
Sound that ensures you are noticed
Other road users will be able to hear you approach, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be noticed. Safety and fun combined.

Your BREKR B40

You are unique. Your BREKR should be too. Create your BREKR, in your style.


Brekr has an aluminum frame. A 2800 lumen halo-lamp as daytime running light ensures you are visible to other road users during the day.

25/45   km/h
1,9   kw/h
1 + 1   battery
Battery locks
40   eurocent
Full battery
50-80   km
62   kg

They will hear you coming

Your BREKR deserves to be heard. This means you are more visible whilst on the move, ensuring a safer riding experience for both you and other road users. We love Brekr’s sound.

Push to play


Your BREKR is fitted with a GPS-module. You can stay connected with your Brekr 24/7 through the BREKR app which provides information about rides, battery capacity, your Brekrs’ location or potentially suspect circumstances ….such as tampering with locks.
Brekr model B Release spring 2020
Modern design Lightweight aluminum frame Powerful battery, wide range Sound for fun and safety Create your own custom Brekr