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Why we made the Brekr Model B? Simple, because a logical electric bike didn’t exist. That’s what drives us. An electric bike that seamlessly merges past and future into an awesome, individualistic yet logical design. Recognizable yet new. Clever whilst rugged. Take a ride on a Brekr: we’re sure it will make you smile.


We have more ambition for the future and if you ask us, it doesn’t stop with this model.

Differentiating design and modern-day technology for more logical, but also more fun electric mobility:

We use

Bravery, insights, creativity and boldness

To challenge the status quo

in urban electric mobility

we take it personally

The team

After a year of preparation, we officially started developing Brekr in 2018, with four people. The Brekr team is now growing and we are working with many specialists, experts, suppliers and enthusiasts to make Brekr what it is. We share a passion for electric driving, technology and design.

What inspires us


The Brekr Model B is a tribute to the beautiful motorbikes of the past as well as a representation of the future; the age of electric transport. This is why any helmet fits. Brekrs design is timeless. Whatever helmet you choose, it will fit with your Brekr.

The power of electricity

For a moment we thought riding electric bikes meant less power and thus less pleasure, but how wrong we were. An electric ride is awesome.
“I Told you so!” Nikola Tesla

The future needs to be cleaner

The earth is heating up and the impact on the habitat of plants, animals and people is enormous. Because Co2 is the largest contributor to global warming, it is necessary to reduce emissions. Electric driving is one of the solutions. The battery has our attention because there is still room for improvement. Together with five partners, we are working in the Accumulate project on a battery that lasts longer, has less impact on the environment and therefore becomes cheaper.

The future

The future is full of promise. It is presenting us with possibilities, adventure, surprises and challenges. Brekr is part of the future.  If you ask us, Brekr will be the first to build an electric spaceship in 2139.

Respect for the past

Designing Brekr has been possible because of the ‘doers and thinkers’ of yesteryear. History has given us many beautiful and smart designs. It’s with respect and affection that we study this inheritance and use it as the cornerstone on which to build the future.
An old Sparta-moped, the Sparta GH 50 Tour from 1964.

Brekr and the Achterhoek


Region of doers who laugh a lot

Brekr develops its products from ‘the Achterhoek’ in The Netherlands. A beautiful region in Gelderland with a rich history of manufacturing, motocross, music and the reputation for being able the throw a good party. The Achterhoek is home for us.

The brand – Brekr


‘Brekken’ means having outrageous fun in the dialect of the Achterhoek. A ‘Brekr’ celebrates life, doesn’t take it too seriously, is unpretentious and often has a love for motorized vehicles whether they have 2,4 or 6 wheels.


Two electricity bolts form the tenacious head of a bull; a simple image which captures the power of electricity, the birth place of Brekr and the potency of the brand. The colour green has been derived from the flag of the Achterhoek and stands for the ‘green-ride’ Brekr delivers.


A solid font with a futuristic touch embracing progress and the future.
Brekr logo

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