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The all-new

Brekr B7000

Light electric motorcycle that takes the design philosophy of the B4000 to a new level. With more power, linked brakes, and other upgrades, the B7000 is perfect for fast commuting in and around the city.

Expected to be available in the second quarter of 2024, starting at 7,799 euros.

What makes the B7000 new?

We have applied our expertise from the Brekr B4000 to transform the new B7000 from a moped model into a fully-fledged light motorcycle.

Batteries connected in parallel for more power

The name says it all; the Brekr B7000 has a more powerful engine with a peak output of 7000 watts. We have modified the battery configuration by connecting two batteries in parallel, resulting in increased power.

New linked braking system for optimal stopping power

The newly designed linked braking system contributes to an even distribution of braking force, thereby improving stability and safety.

Improved suspension for higher speeds

We have also fitted an advanced suspension system with gas shocks at the rear, suitable for the higher speeds that the B7000 can achieve.

Finally, a series of fine-tunings have been carried out, including a new design for the license plate holder and updated software, to optimize the B7000 for the motorcycle ride of the future.

This is the Brekr B7000

Although the B7000 is still a concept, we’d like to give you a preview of what the new Brekr will look like. Bigger brakes, larger springs, but above all; more power and speed.

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Brekr B7000


Peak power

7000 watt

Top speed

70+ KM/H


60-100 KM

Battery capacity

4.1 KWH

Braking system




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