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LEt’s Lease

The Brekr Model B can be leased in the Netherlands for business purposes from 149 euros per month, excluding VAT. 

Brekr lease options

In the cart down below you can compare several lease options and you get an indication of the costs involved. For more information about the lease options, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


Currently there is no Brekr private lease option. This is something that we work on, but we cannot give a time indication yet. 

Your lease options

Brekr Model B

  • Brekr Model B
  • Speed: 25 or 45 km/h
  • Registration plate
  • Delivery at home
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Possible repairs
  • Colors: White, Green of Grey
  • Saddle: Black
  • Suspension: Black
  • Tire profile: Road

Brekr Model B

  • Brekr Model B
  • Speed: 25 or 45 km/h
  • Registration plate
  • Delivery at home
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Possible repairs
  • Colors: + Every color from the configurator of your choice
  • Saddle: + Black or Brown
  • Suspension: + Black or Green
  • Tire profile: + Road or Adventure
  • + Strapr
  • + Phone lockr


Step 1

Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page.


Step 2

We will send you without any obligation:

            – A proposal with the monthly amount for your leasing option.

            – A form for additional information.


Step 3

To apply for your Brekr lease based on our proposal, please send us the form with additional information.


Step 4

We will work on your lease application and you will receive an answer within 10 business days whether you qualify for the Brekr lease.


Step 5

At this moment, the Brekr has a delivery time of +- 8 weeks. If you qualify for the Brekr lease (that means that, among other things, you meet a credit check), we will reserve a spot for you on the waiting list. When we get closer to the delivery date of your Brekr Model B, we will contact you to make the final arrangements. Until we contact you to make the final arrangements, you are not tied to anything and you are not obligated to anything yet.

Yes, the Brekr lease is full operational. This means that de moped is all-risk insured and that the maintenance of your Brekr is included in the monthly amount.

No, the only thing you have to pay is the mentioned monthly amount. No start-up costs or investment are needed.

The basic lease options offers you a standard configuration with a choice between 3 basic colors. While the basic Brekr is complete to ride on, there are no options available for other colors or extra accessories.


The Premium lease options costs only an additional 10 euro per month extra, which allows you to choose between all of 11 frame cap colors. In addition, you can choose a brown or a black saddle and green or black suspensions according to your own taste. Depending on where you are going to ride with your Brekr, you have the choice between de Road or Adventure tire profiles. Finally, with the Premium option, a luggage strap and phone locker will be added to your Brekr.

With business lease, the lease amount is viewed without VAT. You are eligible for business leasing if you own a company or if you work for a company where business leasing is possible. 

You must be at least 18 years old to lease the Brekr. Obviously, you must have the proper driver’s license to ride the Brekr (driver’s license B or AM).

Additional tax is only for business lease when the rider uses the Brekr also for private rides. A kilometer administration is useful then.

The cost of the private kilometers driven (total annual vehicle cost divided by the number of kilometers to be driven) is the amount of additional tax you have to add to your income. Commuting kilometers are not considered as private kilometers.

That is possible! The battery will then be amortized during the term of the lease. The price of a battery is €1499,- including VAT. With a term of 48 months you a little over €31,- including VAT per month for a second battery (€1499 divided by 48 months).

I want to lease a Brekr

Are you interested in leasing a Brekr? Let us know which lease options fits you best and we will send you an email with your lease amount, of course you are not obligated to anything yet.