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Maximum lifespan

The condition of your battery is monitored by an advanced battery management system (BMS). The BMS intervenes immediately if one of the following six issues occur that can damage your battery.

Protection against overcharging; charging your battery to the max shortens its lifespan thus the BMS prevents wear and tear of your battery. Protection against discharging your battery completely, which is harmful and can shorten battery life and therefore not allowed by the BMS. Short circuit protection. Protection against incompatible voltage; if voltage is not consistent or incompatible the BMS will intervene. Protection against battery temperatures becoming too high. Equalisation of the cells; the system ensures all battery cells deliver the same output for optimum performance and battery life span.

Protection against overcharging
Protection against complete discharge
Short circuit protection
Protection against incompatible voltage
Temperature control
Equalisation of the cells

Charge the way you want


Charge through the brekr or through a socket

Connect the charging cable directly to the Brekr or remove the battery and charge it at home or at work. Super convenient!


Choose the battery that suits you

Ride long and far; Brekr B4000 has two battery locks which means you can double your range. In addition, you have the freedom to reduce (cheaper) or to increase (more range) the capacity of your battery. We have a selection of different batteries available so you can choose the battery that suits you!

Battery type Battery medium
Capacity 2,0 kWh
Range 45 – 70 km
Charging time 5 hour

Above calculations are based on 1 battery. With 2 batteries your range doubles!

Standard 2-year warranty

You receive a standard two-year warranty on every battery.

No small print

We like to be honest about batteries! So we’re upfront about the fact that all batteries, even those of the Brekr B4000, loose capacity due to use. So keep this in mind when choosing a battery: range will decrease over time. However with the correct care you can limit this process, optimising your battery’s lifespan between 5 to 8 years. Brekr uses high-quality battery cells and each buyer receives care tips and instructions from us to protect and preserve the longevity of your battery. At the end of each battery’s lifespan, battery cells are recycled.

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