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Insurance can seem very challenging sometimes. Together with the ANWB, we try to address as many concerns as possible to insure the Brekr F250 against theft and damage. To get an idea of your insurance rate, enter your information here. After delivery, you can instantly purchase F250 insurance so you can park your fatbike safely throughout the city.

before you start...

Tip 1: If you chose the F250 connected option, you get a 20% discount on your theft premium. Indicate this below and choose ‘Fris Smart’ as the GPS tracker provider for 20% off your theft insurance.


Tip 2: Make a combination of theft and damage coverage. Then you are well insured against both theft and damage and enjoy the benefits of both coverages.


Dutch only. For now, our Brekr F250 insurance is only available to people residing in the Netherlands.