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Brekr Model F

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Launch edition



Limited edition of 20 bikes, 

numbered individually

Estimated shipping: Aug. 2023
Ships toThe Netherlands
Brekr Model F€2.749,-
+ Battery upgrade€199,-
+ Launch edition special color€99,-
+ Connected€199,-
+ Delivery€99,-
Your discount€350,-

First edition

€3.345 ,-


Available as long as

first batch supply lasts

Estimated shipping:Sept. 2023
Ships toNL, DE, BE, FR, LU
Brekr Model F€2.749,-
+ Battery upgrade€199,-
+ First edition special color€99,-
+ Connected€199,-
+ Delivery€99,-
Your discount€400,-



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Estimated shipping:Oct. 2023
Ships toNL, DE, BE, FR, LU
Brekr Model F€2.749,-
+ Color upgrade€99,-
+ Delivery€99,-
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The maximum speed of the Model F is 25 kilometers per hour, which is in line with EU regulation.

The Brekr Model F comes with 3 riding modes to provide the power you need.

Yes, the HUB motor assists you in riding uphill.

The Model F has two built-in gears in the HUB motor and shifts automatically to second gear.


Yes, there are two ways to check the battery level: on the display of the bike and in the app that is connected to your bike.

Yes. When the battery is empty you will no longer be supported by the motor, but cycling is possible at all times.

The range depends on multiple factors like your riding mode, tire pressure, rider weight, terrain and weather conditions. The exact specifications of the battery are not final at this moment. We expect the standard battery to be 540Wh which gives you a range of 35 to 60 kilometers. The plus battery will have about 700Wh and an expected range between 45 and 75 kilometer in normal use. In ideal circumstances and when you use the eco mode you can probably reach 100 to 130 kilometers.

Yes, the battery can be removed by unlocking it with your key. Removing the battery is only possible by opening the lock with a key.

When the battery is empty it takes around 5 to 6 hours to recharge. You can charge your battery at home with a standard wall socket.

Yes, you can choose between two different batteries for the Model F. The exact specifications of the batteries are not final at this stage but are expected to have a capacity of 540Wh (standard) and 720Wh (plus). Upgrading your battery will cost 199 euros.

The battery can usually withstand around 1,000 charge cycles, so it lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 years depending on the use.


We use an all-new automatic two speed Bafang HUB motor built with the latest technology.

The bike will weigh approximately 29 kg.

Yes, this is one of the unique features of the Model F. The bike has three built-in height positions varying from 80 to 89 cm.

Yes, selling a bike without fenders, lights or a kick stand sounds pretty silly to us. These features come standard with the Model F.

The Model F comes with 22-inch wheels, 4 inch wide. That is 2 inches more than the normal fat bikes have. It is a new wheel size developed by Brekr to give the bike the right looks, more comfort and better riding characteristics.

At this stage, we can’t say yes or no, but is certainly our ambition to develop multiple accessories. Please follow us for updates on accessories on the Model F.

No, the lights are powered by the battery and will not work when your battery is empty.

The maximum weight is 160 kilograms. The built-in saddle height adjustment and long saddle ensures people from various heights (from 160 to 205 centimeters) can ride the bike.


Shipping fees vary per country and are shown when you order the bike. Check if the Model F is available in your country before ordering.

The launch edition is only available in the Netherlands. The first edition can be ordered from our website and delivered to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Other European countries can order their Model F through a local dealer. Follow us for updates.

First deliveries of the Launch Edition start in August 2023. We will update you on the delivery date of your bike as well as any other relevant news on the progress we make.

Yes, you can pick up your all-new Brekr Model F at the headquarters of Brekr in Doetinchem. We welcome you to our workshop where it all began.

At this stage it is uncertain if the bike comes fully assembled or that you still need to do some last actions. We will keep you posted while we finalize the Model F.


We provide a two-year full warranty on the bike. Normal wear-and-tear and damage are excluded. The battery will probably have different warrenty conditions. We will update customers as soon as possible when the batteries are final. Warranty will be in line with industry standards.

Please contact our service team with any questions. You can reach us via phone +31 (0)314 787160 of email at

Brekr is located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. The headquarters are based in the workshops of the former prison of Doetinchem.

We are working on a special Brekr insurance for the Model F. Updates on the exact terms will follow during 2023.

The rules for wearing a helmet vary by country. In the Netherlands, Belgium, France (>12 years old) and Germany, wearing a helmet is not mandatory.

Your bike needs regular maintenance. Schedule maintenance at least once a year. In order to minimize maintenance, Brekr has chosen to work with a belt drive and a HUB-motor with built-in gears.


At this stage we only have a few prototypes available. As we come closer to the delivery date of the first bikes, there will be an opportunity to test ride the Model F.

The Model F Launch Edition and the First Editions will have exclusive colors. You can change the color when new colors come available. We will let you know as soon as it’s possible to change the color of your ordered bike.

Unfortunately that’s not possible at this point. The dealers network of Brekr is expanding rapidly. Please follow us or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned on new countries.

First let us say that fenders, lights and a kickstand are standard features of the Model F. Connectivity, some premium colors, accessories and delivery are not included, but can be ordered as options.

Yes, you can choose to pay in installments. You’ll find more information in the check-out process.

When your bike hasn’t been delivered yet, you can cancel your pre-order at any time and without a reason. We will refund the full amount. You will receive the refund within 30 days of the cancellation.

Yes, we provide a 30 days return period. You will be refunded, however, the shipping cost, and return cost will be deducted from the refund. The bike needs to be in mint condition. Costs arising from (minor) damages can be deducted.

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