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Do you want to enjoy your Brekr Model B this summer? Then act fast! Reserve your Brekr in your favorite colors and ride in June. You pay just 15 percent and can cancel at any time. Read all the benefits on this page.

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Free color box

We will send you a free color box immediately after you place your order. This way you can conveniently choose the best color for your Brekr from the comfort of your own home.

Change the color

You will choose a provisional color while configuring your Brekr. The color samples in the color box are exactly the same as the Brekr colors. If you would still prefer another color, no problem, we can customize it.

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Customer reviews

In the final quarter of 2020, the first Brekr Model B’s were delivered in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. What are the experiences of the first Brekr Model B-riders?


Casper Meenink (NL):

The Brekr is simply right

“The Brekr is simply right for me. The design, technical details, the solidity of the product, the communication and the enthusiasm of the team. You just notice that these guys make the Brekr just because they like it so much themselves.”
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Dora de Jong (NL):

It doesn’t get more futuristic than the Brekr

“I had never seen the moped before I bought it. With the images on internet I doubted wether the Brekr might be slightly too low or small. These doubts disappeared after seeing and feeling the Brekr on the Motorcycle Fair. The seating position is perfect and the Brekr is slightly bigger and even cooler than it looks on some photos.”
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Sven Harper (B):

The feeling of freedom, that’s just delightful

“People often turn around when I am riding the Brekr. Nobody has seen it before and you notice that you are riding a unique vehicle. The same goes for my friends, they really like the Brekr and still can not believe that such a cool moped is electric.”
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Free cancellation

Need to cancel? No problem. We always refund the previously paid amount in full. In addition, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits at a glance

Guaranteed delivery in june
Reserve your Brekr now and ride in the summer.
Free color box
Receive a free color box. Choose your favorite color and start dreaming about the Brekr that suits you best.
Easy color change
Not happy with the color you chose? Doesn't match your sneakers? Changing it is no problem.
Free cancellation
You can cancel at any time, free of charge.
Ride in june (or sooner)
A lot of people want to ride a Brekr this summer. We understand that, of course. If you place your order now, then you will also be riding in the summer.
Money-back guarantee
Not completely satisfied? Then you can return the Brekr to us (nobody has done so yet, fortunately, but it can be done).

Take a test ride

If you want to take a test ride either before or after placing your order, you can! This can be done in Doetinchem, where Brekr is located in the former prison workshop, or in the center of Amsterdam. New locations will follow. Check the event page.
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5 Frequently asked questions

1. Can I also order my Brekr later?
Of course you can. Delivery will then take place later as well. By ordering now, you secure a good place in the queue without any obligation.

2. How does the buying process work?
After you have configured your Brekr, you pay 15 percent and your Brekr is reserved. We will send you the color box and you can still change the color until shortly before delivery. We will schedule a delivery appointment with you approximately three weeks before delivery. We will most likely contact you about this in May.

3. Can I return the Brekr if I don’t like it?
This can be done up to 30 days after delivery. No reason is required.

4. Do I have to pay all at once?
No. You pay 15 percent when placing your order and the rest shortly before delivery.

5. Where is the Brekr made?
In the Netherlands! The Brekr is designed and built in the Netherlands. About two-thirds of the parts have been specially developed by us. Parts come largely from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In addition, a number of parts come from Taiwan and China. The heart of the Brekr, the controller and the battery are German-made – the best we could find. If you have time, come visit us in Doetinchem and we will be happy to explain everything to you.

More questions?
Email us at:, or call +31 (0)314 787160.

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