Forebel x Brekr Electric Socks


Delivery time: 5 working days
  • Limited edition
  • Partly made from lost fishing nets from the ocean
  • Inspired by the electric eel
  • Duotone design; one white + one black sock per pair
  • Buy two pairs (with a discount) to wear the same color on both feet

Together with Forebel, we developed a pair of limited edition sustainable ‘electric’ Brekr socks. Partly made from old ‘ghost nets’ abandoned or lost in the ocean.

You may be wondering how Forebel and Brekr combine. Actually, it’s pretty simple; walking is just as cool as riding a bike. And it’s better for the environment too.

Together with Forebel, we want to make sustainability fun. For you, but also for your friends and family. That’s why you get a nice discount if you buy not one, but two or three pairs of socks:

  • 1 pair Forebel x Brekr socks: €14,95
  • 2 pairs Forebel x Brekr socks: €22,95 (€7 discount)
  • 3 pais Forebel x Brekr socks: €29,95 (€15  discount)

The more socks you buy, the fewer fishing nets (and more fish) in the ocean😉